Should the Patriots Pursue Jason Taylor?

Since the release of Jason Taylor from the Redskins a few days ago, media members and fans alike have speculated on the possibility of defensive end / outside linebacker Jason Taylor going to the Patriots.

At first thought, it seems like the perfect fit.  Taylor can still rush the passer, has shown that he can play some linebacker, and is a very smart player that the Patriots have had a lot of experience with.  With hole left by the Mike Vrabel trade, there looks to be a spot for him too.

I don’t think any sane person could complain about having a player such as Jason Taylor on the team.

But at what cost?

Remember, the Patriots had a perfectly capable option and a leader in the locker room already in Mike Vrabel.  By trading Vrabel away in what was likely a salary cap move, the Patriots saved little over $3 million in salary cap room.  So any deal with Jason Taylor needs to be significantly less than this number considering:

  • Taylor has little experience as a linebacker in the 3-4
  • Taylor will be 35 come start of the season
  • Taylor will have to learn a new system with a new team
  • Taylor had the injury bug last year
  • Taylor had only 3.5 sacks in 13 games last year

Adding all of those factors up, Jason Taylor cannot be worth Mike Vrabel money, or anywhere close.  Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want Jason Taylor, I’d absolutely love him, but the money really just has to be right.  Otherwise, I’d rather draft a Connor Barwin or Clint Sintim and move on with it.

Jason Taylor to the Pats?

Jason Taylor to the Pats?


One Response to Should the Patriots Pursue Jason Taylor?

  1. Karl says:

    First Jason’s sacks were down last year because of injury, Vrabels sacks were just down. Jason Taylor had a pro bowl season playing in a 34 defence, and there will be little or no learing curve. Jason will sign a 1 or 2 year contract and is a better pass russer than Varbel. So I think Jason is work at least if not more than Vrabel’s contract.

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