More on the Julius Peppers to Patriots Rumors

As you have probably heard by now, the Patriots are looking to trade their 34th overall pick for Panthers defensive end/ outside linebacker Julius Peppers.

Back in February, was the first to report rumor of Julius Peppers being acquired by the Patriots.  One Mike Vrabel was traded, the trade seemed even more likely.

So what could Peppers offer?

The versatility to play both outside linebacker and defensive end as an edge rusher.  Peppers would likely start at outside backer, but on third downs, could put his hand down, as well as in possible 4-3 scenarios.

Of course, the big question surrounding Peppers would be if he can successfully transition to outside linebacker.  I feel that he can.  First, consider that Peppers did play basketball at UNC, and was a great defender during his time there.  What does this say?  It says he must be fluid in his hips, which is critical in coverage.  Could you imagine Peppers swatting passes out there?  Yes, he may be a little bit long in his frame, but I don’t think he is as “stiff” as some analysts say.

The last issue surrounding a trade for Julius Peppers would be his contract.  Under the franchise tag, he is due $16.88 million for next season.  This means the Patriots will absolutely have to work out a contract extension to make the deal final.  I think a contract in the 5 year, $45 million range would not be unreasonable.  I would expect a big , un-guaranteed signing bonus due the second year, so that Peppers will have to “prove-it” as a rush linebacker.

Whatever the case may be, things are going to be getting pretty hectic pretty quickly.


2 Responses to More on the Julius Peppers to Patriots Rumors

  1. B says:

    Please help me understand:

    1. Peppers needs to be signed to a long term deal by the Panthers BEFORE being traded due to the Pats not having enough cap room. Thus, why would the Panthers go out of their way to do this for only a 2nd round pick?
    2. If the Panthers were going to help facilitate this trade, they would have done so at the very beginning of free agency (so they could sign some FAs).
    3. Why would Peppers take a huge paycut? When he can collect a huge franchise check and then be a FA next year?
    4. Would Peppers be worth a huge salary at 3-4 LB?
    5. Where are the Pats getting this money? Wouldn’t that preclude them from extending Wilfork, etc.?

    It’s funny to watch the rationalization turn-around time from “I love Peppers!” to “He wouldn’t have been that good as a LB anyway! Plus; too expensive!”

  2. davwardavich says:

    No one questions Peppers ability/talent/upside whatever you want to call it. The guy is a freak of nature comparable to Moss on offense.

    But… have any of you seen the Panthers play over the past few years and really paid attention? I like to watch them just because Steve Smith is one of my favorite players – a player I would much rather see in a Patriots uniform (Moss + Welker + Steve Smith + Galloway… INDEFENSIBLE). Smith has HEART, class, talent, everything. Obviously he’s not going anywhere but it’s the truth. Smith pulls off ridiculous tricks for his size – CONSISTENTLY.

    Julius Peppers is inconsistent and just shows flashes of dominance, he doesn’t come through in the clutch, nor does he have some ‘intangible fighter-warrior attitude’ that players like Brady and Steve Smith have. He has some nice highlights (no one can argue against his pass rushing *ABILITY*; but compare career highlights of Moss (we got for a 4th rounder – not a lot of money – because the Raiders couldnt sign both JeMarcus Russel and retain Moss at his salary) to Peppers (who Carolina should dump for nearly 17 mil in cap space- if they don’t it’s their own stupid fault – good look keeping your subpar team together) Watch some film… how many “elite” teams does Peppers have his way with? How many times does Peppers come through when the game is on the line? How many times do YOU, AS A PATRIOTS FAN, CAN YOU REMEMBER PEPPERS BEING A HUGE FACTOR AGAINST YOU? Delhomme was our biggest threat in the Super Bowl against the Panthers, and people in Carolina are out for this guys head. Peppers dogs it when he feels like doggin it. No way around it. You could say “well Randy dogged it in Oakland and plays well for BB now” but Randy is not Julius. Julius has gotten most of his 70ish career sacks against inferior teams.. and why give up all kinds of money and a pick(s)? Are you patriots fans wanting us to lose our entire D-line next year because you want some big name wishy washy player for one year or more when we could have Jason Taylor for a lot less money and NO PICKS WHICH MEANS WE COULD DRAFT OUR OWN YOUNG 23 YEAR OLD PASS RUSHER?? IN ADDITION TO TAYLOR?? I’m sorry guys, 2009-2010 are two years.. you think Belichick is building a team for two years or for as long as he is coach? Stop being so short sighted just to make headlines. People claiming the Patriots are “buying” a super bowl have no clue about salary cap issues or anything else NFL related for that matter. If your team has the space.. and doesn’t sign a player it could use to improve its team.. then I feel sorry for your team and its coach.


    For example, if McDaniels hadn’t have tried to play hardball with Belichick about the Cassel situation ( McDaniels pretended not to be interested at first because he didn’t want to give up leverage to BB – McD thought he would have a lot more time to talk Cassel’s value down – but didn’t anticipate New Englands swift movements to free space to acquire FAs) Then all these stupid Cutler articles wouldn’t be flying around. McD – shoulda fired that gun ASAP, because Cassel, although inferior in talent, is far more coachable (and mobile/likeable) and has a higher upside than Cutler in my opinion. If you watch some film you see McDaniels yelling at Belichick on more than one occasion–which is indicitave to me that McD is serious when he says he will do anything to improve the team, and he’s not gonna baby Cutler or ANYONE else for that matter because all he wants are championships. Most people feel McD is in the wrong and Jay is in the right but those notions could not be further from the truth. You want some dude’s name on your team or a ring? He’s gonna trample the feelings of the softies like Jay – and if he did anything else he would be doing Denver a disservice. He’s BB Junior and for all the heat he’s taking I for one respect his position on Cutler. Remember Belichick and Bernie Kosar? Anyone is expenadable unless their performance dictactes otherwise – Cutler has no rings last I checked. Do people really think BB babies TB??? ROFL ROFL NO – THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THE CUTLER SITUATION IS THE WAY IT IS. Bus Cook has Cutler convinced he’s the second coming of Elway (still can’t get over Cutler’s comment about his arm being stronger than Elway’s, probably something Cook told him for his own personal interest – just makes the kid seem even more immature – and brainwashable when it comes to his ego). Ya maybe if he had a brain and lost the ego that talent could get you over the .500 mark. Yeah last I checked Elway was under .500 and never won any playoff games or Super Bowls good work looking like a dickhead out of Vandy, Jay. You’re the kinda guy no one wants to have a beer with because you can’t get over yourself. The kinda guy that will slum around the Tri-state area of TN for Scallawags while Tom Terrific is with the highest paid supermodel in the world blinding people with his jewelery which money can’t buy. (well maybe you can buy one on Ebay but.. why? you didn’t earn it and no one will care)

    And we all know Cook would NEVER try to send Cutler to Detroit or Tampa because he would make a huge commission off of your new salary… oh wait he would… like he did with tainting Favre’s good name for a few extra bucks…maybe you should switch to another agent Jay, one that isn’t a yes-man, self-server. And if you’re looking for dough might as well switch to Rosenhaus anyways Jay, maybe he can work out a deal where you will make ALL KINDS OF MONEY with the Detriot Lions. It is about pride and money right? Run with the pride of lions and make your money until you fall off the face of the earth like all the other talents like Mike Vick, while McD prospers with young, hungry, players who have bigger ears than mouths.


    Back to Peppers..

    Would you rather have Peppers and no possible cap space? or Taylor + (extend)Seymour + (extend)Wilfork + 2nd round pick? Seriously?

    Julius you can have the money..

    or the ring. You can’t have both. Ask Al Davis. He would spend billions for a ring if he could.

    Call up JeMarcus Russel on his cell and ask him how happy he is in Oakland making all his money, if you’re cool with being a rich loser than that is your choice and no one should judge you for it.

    Randy was given the same choice and chose the ring, he hasn’t gotten it yet, but I’ll be damned if theres another team in the league that will give him a better shot at it.

    Julius : Sell out – go to the highest bidder. Or come to the Patriots at any cost, and establish yourself as the biggest defensive terror known to man – and after you get your ring, hit an uncapped year and make more money than Julius Caesar.

    Players come and go (Peppers). Legends are forever(Brady – takes a paycut for his TEAM when he is the BEST PLAYER on the team – his picture should be in the dictionary under “Class”). Can anyone else cite an instance of the BEST PLAYER on his ROSTER taking a pay cut for the interests of his team?

    Tom will enjoy Gisele, his rings, his money, and his place in Canton, while still going down as one of the most selfless, gritty, heroic, come outta nowhere, clutch players in NFL history.

    Peppers will always be known for never achieving his potential due to the limitations of his greed. If he’s remembered at all.

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