Patriots Draft Prospects: Chase Patton, the Next Matt Cassel?

At USC, former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel was sandwiched between several elite college quarterbacks, including Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart.  Cassel had the chance to win the starting job from the aforementioned, but just missed out.

At Missouri, quarterback Chase Patton spent his entire career as a backup, much of it to Chase Daniel, one of the elite college quarterbacks in the country.  He also missed on an opportunity to win the starting job, and thus, like Cassel, never started a game in college.


Chase Patton has excellent size at over 6-4 and 220 pounds.  He has decent speed and agility, and is able to move around the pocket.  He is a smart player with a cannon for an arm.  Has tremendous upside.


Obviously, he lacks experience, as he was a career backup at Missouri.  Because of this, he is very raw, and will take a lot of developing.  Also is a bit hesitant in his throws, and isn’t great throwing on the run.  Could add some bulk.


Patton could come in as a rookie and compete with Matt Gutierrez for that last roster spot.  Assuming he wins it, he would then take the place as the third quarterback behind Tom Brady and Kevin O’Connell, where he could sit and develop for a few years.  The Patriots could either wait to trade him if he plays well in the preseason, or could wait until Tom Brady retires and have him compete with KOC.

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Chase Patton; Courtesy of

Chase Patton; Courtesy of


7 Responses to Patriots Draft Prospects: Chase Patton, the Next Matt Cassel?

  1. r1zzo23 says:

    ESPN Magazine had a good article about him a while back. Just said that he was a much better pro prospect than Daniels and will definitely be a highly scouted player at his pro day because teams want to see what he’s really got.

  2. JTX says:

    The odds of finding another Matt Cassel are slim to none, but this guy does look intriguing

  3. Jeff says:

    Long shot

  4. m baugher says:

    chase patton played for MISSOURI!!! not texas. get your facts straight. chase daniel is from texas. chase patton is from columbia, missouri.

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