NFL Schedule to Be Released Tomorrow

By now you’ve probably heard, but the NFL will be releasing its schedule on primetime tomorrow evening at 7 PM.  Both ESPN and the NFL Network will cover the “event.”

Brilliant marketing in my opinion.  Where there’s a market and where there’s money to be earned there is a business.  Wait until the coming years, not only will we have draftniks, but we’ll have schedule-niks as well.  I have a feeling that ESPN’s presentation of the schedule release may be similar to that of the draft, which will be awesome.  But still.

It’s not as though the NFL holds back who the teams will be playing.  That is public information derived from a very easy formula.  Still, it will be interesting to see how the Pats schedule pans out, especially the road trips.

And be sure to check in tomorrow night.  Because immediately following the release of the Patriots schedule, we will have complete analysis of each and every stretch of the season.


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