The Ultimate Patriots Draft Thread

Here we are, on the eve of the draft, finally.  Tomorrow and Sunday, this thread/post will be the ultimate place to catch up on the Pats’ draft.  We will post an updated draft board, analysis, a full news wire, position previews, and everything you could need right on this thread.  This post will be stickied to the top of the page.  And while tonight and tomorrow I will finish up the position previews and maybe a couple of player previews, I will link to them right on this post (or you could, like scroll down a little bit).

Patriots Draft Board

Rd Pick Player Name POS School
1 34 Patrick Chung SS Oregon
2 40 Ron Brace NT Boston College
2 41 Darius Butler CB Connecticut
2 58 Sebastian Vollmer RT Houston
3 83 Brandon Tate WR North Carolina
3 97 Tyrone McKenzie ILB South Florida
4 123 Rich Ohrnberger OG Penn State
5 170 George Bussey OG Louisville
6 198 Jake Ingram LS Hawaii
6 207 Myron Pryor NT Kentucky
7 232 Julian Edelman WR Kent State
7 234 Darryl Richard DL Georgia Tech

Draft News

Position Previews

QuarterbacksRunning Backs

Wide ReceiversTight Ends

Offensive LineDefensive Line

Inside LinebackersOutside Linebackers


Featured Stories

Final Patriots 7 Round Mock Draft!

The Value of a Pick

Updated Visit List

Patriots Draft Prospects

Clint Sintim |    Malcolm Jenkins |    Percy Harvin

Rey Maualuga |    Fullbacks |    Aaron Kelly

Chase PattonAndre Brown


28 Responses to The Ultimate Patriots Draft Thread

  1. SED says:

    Like clock work the Cincy Bengals pick the two kids with character issues in Andre Smith and Rey Maualuga.

  2. SED says:

    Ron Brace and Darius Butler have been taken at 40 and 41.

  3. SED says:

    Here’s hoping we get Barwin at 58. I will be shocked if it’s Pat White.

  4. r1zzo23 says:

    Sebastian Vollmer, OL out of Houston, is our 4th selection in the 2nd round. Never heard of him, but he’s an absolute monster at 6’7″ and 312 pounds.

  5. SED says:

    I guess this could be the end of Nick Kazcur…

  6. GERRY says:

    This is one of the worst patriots draft I have seen in the last few years, we could have had REY MAUALAGA at 34 in stead of Patrick CHUNG, I like the trading up from pick 47 to 40. I like the pick 41 of Darius BUTLER, but pick 40 of Ron BRACE jsut blew my mind when Everet BROWN was available. We were in great position to take care of both Linebacker and Secondry needs in one DRAFT. Both MAULAGA and BROWN were projected top 15 picks that fell to the 2nd round.

    We are now back to square 1 , no pass rush,long in the tooth old linebackers AKA Bruschi. So instead of having a killer defense we have nothing. All team will be putting 40 points on us because we can’t generate pass rush.

    We’ll be lucky if we win 5 games.

    • JTX says:

      Wow, total knee-jerk dude.

      We’ve improved in every area and we have 4 third round picks!!!

      Maualuga wasn’t a system fit. And uh, we won with Bruschi last year. and while i think We shouldve worked on our pass rush we didn’t and we can still sign JASON TAYLOR.

      Plus, I’ve watched Brace at boston college… very strong player. Chung will be good. Don’t know who the hell Vollmer is, but I guess he’ll replace Kazcur in a year. Does anyone know if he can play left rtackle?

  7. r1zzo23 says:

    Anyone who wants an inside look at Greg’s man-crush Frantz Joseph, tune into ESPN right now for Outside the Lines.

    • r1zzo23 says:

      Just watched the Frantz Joseph segment. Didn’t realize he was originally on BC, but transferred closer to home to FAU to be with his mom. Other than failing a drug test in 2005 and a misdemeanor of possession of marijuana in 2006, he seems like a stand up kid.

      His numbers at his pro day weren’t top-notch by any stretch of the imagination, but he seems like he could be a good rotational MLB at worst.

      • Greg says:

        Yeah, I agree with you. His story is really nice.

        And like you said, his numbers aren’t great, but he is a hard worker, very strong, and he’s got good instincts. Worst case scenario for him is that he’s a two down, run stuffing inside linebacker.

        I guess we’ll see if the Pats take a look at him today.

  8. SED says:

    Its pretty clear guys that this years draft for the Pats was a foundational year.

    The Pats are picking young, smart, physical, fast players that not only makes the team better this year, but to help maintain a standard of excellence for the next 5 years.

    Anyone who is still crying about Rey Maualuga just don’t get it. If he was that great a player he would have been drafted in the first round not the second. Regardless of how physical he is; there was no way the Pats were going to pick a guy with a low wonderlic and character issues run their defense.

    The Pats only pick intelligent players for the team. Anyone with a Wonderlic under 20 need not apply.

    I’m looking for Tyrone McKenzie and Jarron Gilbert in the 3rd round today.

    • SED says:

      Too late Jarron Gilbert was snatched up by the Bears.

    • Greg says:

      I agree with you 100%.

      I’m glad to see someone who takes such a rational perspective on the draft, a draft whose impact will be felt for years and years.

    • B says:

      McKenzie actually has a pretty low wonderlic (15)

      • SED says:

        I’m really surprised to hear that B. Do you have a link to his wonderlic score? I couldn’t find it.

        If thats true he had the same wonderlic score as Maualuga. His strong characterand consistant football play probably made the difference

      • SED says:

        I looked up again. McKenzie got a 21 on the Wonderlic the first time he took. I guess he took it a second time to possibly improve his score and got a 16.

        Most of the people all drafted by the Pats this year have at least a Wonderlic of 20.

        Here is a list I found of this years score’s:

  9. SED says:

    The Pats have picked up Tyrone McKenzie!

    From what I’ve heard he is a tackling machine and draw comparisons to Jerod Mayo. The reason he drafted in the third round apparantly had to due with him switching schools to be near his sick mother.

    We may have just found a reasonable replacement for Tedy Bruschi.

    Thanks Greg for the last comment.

  10. r1zzo23 says:

    Pats have just traded CB Ellis Hobbs to the Eagles for two 5th round picks (#137 & #141). Wow, definitely didn’t see that coming. I guess the Pats really like Darius Butler.

  11. Greg says:

    I’m feeling Rashad Jennings, John Phillips, or Cornelius Ingram at 170

  12. Bruce says:

    Great draft!! BB and crew show they are the best at working the draft again. Excellent all around selections. Gonna be a few veterans we are used to seeing that won’t be around this fall. Thankfully they didn’t go for OLB. We already have 5 plus 4 ILB with McKenzie now. Butler was the best CB in the draft and he fell in our laps. I can’t get understand why people were considering him a soft tackler. check his game tape out.

  13. B says:

    BB got exactly who he wanted.

    How do i know that? Because he ostensibly reached for every player we took, sans Butler and passed on some popular names multiple times. Plus, he had the ammo to move anywhere in the draft in every round and chose to pick where he did.

  14. Norv says:

    How do you pass on Rey Maualuga at 34? He has strong character..he’s soft spoken! How??? He had an a situation 4 years ago when his dad passed away! He takes on blocks better than any LB the Patriots have! Rey is on that somoan religous stuff! Stop talking about that character NE everbody all of sudden knows how to act! C’mon they drafted Brandon Tate who is coming off a serious injury and was high at the combine! Please! You pass on Rey, then you move up to take Ron Brace?eww! hes a top 40 pick! They better not think about not signing Vince! I think it WAS in Scott we Trust!!! With this being BB first draft alone he didn’t do a great job! It should of been..
    34.Rey Maualuga
    40.Patrick Chung
    41.Darius Butler….Now that would of been a bangin draft! Ron Brace is whack and fat! Extremely unathletic! how could you draft him that high when he won’t ever start! Two good thing though..Ellis Hobbs is off this.. and they are going to have 3 second rounders next year!

    • Bruce says:

      Rey can stuff the run that is true. Unfortunately in a 3-4 that is the primary job of the NT. Rey can’t drop back in coverage which along with run stuffing is why it is so hard to find quality 3-4 ILB. So if you wanted someone to stuff the run who would be better Rey or in your words “whack and fat! extremely unathletic!” Brace. Obviously you didn’t see too many BC games.

      • SED says:

        Thanks for the comment Bruce. I think it falls on deaf ears though. These Maualuga fans are the same as the Vernon Gholston fans a year ago. They won’t believe it until their player stinks it up on the field.

      • Greg says:

        I agree with both of you guys. But SED, I think Maualuga will be a great player… since he is in a 4-3. He wasn’t a fit. Belichick knew he was on the board, and he made the right pick.

        The Patriots then got their ILB of the future in round 3 when they selected Tyrone McKenzie, who reminds me of Jerod Mayo with his intangibles (work ethic, smarts, etc).

    • B says:

      Who takes the Kevin Faulk role in 2010/injury?

      Harvin would’ve been perfect, no?

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