Patriots Select Ron Brace, Darius Butler

The Patriots traded a fourth and sixth pick to move up to pick #40 with the Oakland Raiders.  With the 40th pick in the draft, the Patriots selected Ron Brace, the nose tackle from Boston College.

He is the prototypical nose tackle.  He has tremendous size and strength, can control the inside gaps and handle any double team.  I like the player, but I question the pick.  Why?  Because it worries me about Vince Wilfork.  Does this mean the Patriots see Brace as a replacement for Wilfork?  Or will Brace just be a big backup for him?  I guess this was a scenario where the Pats saw Ron Brace as the best player on the board.  I’m not crazy about this pick, but Brace was definitely the #2 pure nose tackle in the draft.

With the 41st pick, the Patriots selected Darius Butler, the cornerback from Connecticut.  I called this one, and I love the pick.  Fluidity, athleticism, versatility.  Darius Butler brings so much to the table, and I absolutely love this pick.  I believe three or four years down the road, Darius Butler will be a star for this team.’

The Patriots next pick is 58.  If Barwin is still on the board…


9 Responses to Patriots Select Ron Brace, Darius Butler

  1. B says:

    maybe its more to a possibility where brace can backup vince and wright can transition more as a DE?

  2. SED says:

    Its going to be tough to get Barwin at 58….

    The two picks before the Pats are the Dolphins and the Ravens, who are really interested in him.

    The Pats might have to trade up for him.

  3. SED says:

    Too late Barwin has gone to the Texans.

    • r1zzo23 says:

      Tough to see Barwin go, but since we haven’t taken an OLB by now, I would almost guarantee Jason Taylor is a New England Patriot by this time next week.

      • B says:

        true. BB knows he doesnt have time for an OLB conversion project/gamble with Brady and Moss at the apex of their abilities.

  4. Greg says:

    My prediction: Pats trade pick 58 for a 2nd rounder next year.

    However, if we make a pick, I think it’s Jarron Gilbert if he’s still on the board. We still need an outside linebacker though… but there’s nobody I really like still around… maybe Lawrence Sidbury.

    But the thing with Sidbury is that he’s a real project. And the Patriots already have a project: Shawn Crable. So I don’t see the Patriots addressing the position in the draft at this point.

  5. Greg says:

    Pats could go TE too. Shawn Nelson and Cornelius Ingram are options.

  6. SED says:

    It’s a probably a trade for a future pick or a running back.

  7. r1zzo23 says:

    Is this too high for Tyrone McKenzie?

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