Let the Rookie Free Agent Frenzy Begin

The 2009 NFL draft has just officially ended.  However, things are just heating up.

In one of the most frantic times of the year, known as rookie free agency, a majority of prospects who are not drafted are scooped up by NFL teams.

The Patriots have been very good at picking up rookie free agents in the past.  Last year, they picked up Gary Guyton, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Vince Redd.  In the past, they’ve picked up players such as Randall Gay, Mike Wright, and Eric Alexander.

Expect the Pats to be active in rookie free agency again this year.  Here are some names to keep an eye on:


Jason Boltus, Hartwick

Brian Hoyer, Michigan State


Ian Johnson, Boise State

Tyrell Sutton, Northwestern

Devin Moore, Wyoming


Marcus Mailei, Weber State

Brannan Southerland, Georgia

Conredge Collins, Pittsburgh

Brock Bolen

Wide Receiver:

Aaron Kelly, Clemson

Travis Shelton, Temple

Kevin Ogletree, Virginia

Tight End:

Brian Mandeville, Northeastern

Offensive Line:

Alex Boone, Ohio State

Jason Watkins, Florida

Dan Gay, Baylor

Phil Trautwein, Florida

Defensive Line:

Chris Baker, Hampton

Adrian Grady, Louisville

Khalif Mitchell, Eastern Carolina

Outside Linebacker

Sherman Logan, Richmond

Inside Linebacker:

Frantz Joseph, Florida Atlantic

Antonio Appleby, Virginia


Domonique Johnson, Jackson State


Tyler Lorenzen, UConn




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