Day 2 Recap

In day two of the 2009 NFL draft, the Patriots made a bang once again.

With four picks in the third round, the Patriots traded two of them (73, 89) for 2010 2nd round draft choices.  Again, these trades solely focused on future value, giving the Patriots 10 total picks for the 2010 NFL draft (3 2’s, 2 7’s).

At 83, they picked up North Carolina wide receiver Brandon Tate.  There is a bit of a controversy surrounding Tate.  For one, he tore his ACL and MCL mid-season.  He also tested positive for marijuana at the combine (which supposedly is a big deal because the players are supposed to know it is coming).  Clearly, there is some risk surrounding Tate.  But the upside, is well, through the roof.  Tate, before the knee injury, was on the verge of breaking the NCAA’s all-time return yardage record, and was considered a better pro prospect than his fellow teammate, Hakeem Nicks.  Tate is well built, with long arms, and is both quick and physical off the snap.  He can adjust his body to make the difficult catch, and he is an improving route runner.  Overall, I like this pick a lot, but only time will tell if he’s the next Bethel Johnson, or the next Deion Branch.

With the 97th pick, a compensatory selection, the Patriots took Tyrone McKenzie.  McKenzie is 6-1.5, 243 pounds and is built in the mold of Jerod Mayo.  But the comparisons between him and Mayo don’t end there.  Like Mayo, Tyrone McKenzie is a very hard worker, great leader, versatile player (all three linebacker positions in college), and very mature, smart player.  Consider this quote by Bill Belichick at his post-draft press conference:

…I would just say of all the players that I’ve talked to and we’ve interviewed this year and even through the years, that Tyrone is amongst the most impressive. Maturity, intelligence, what he’s done with the opportunities that he’s had or that he’s had to overcome, how he’s approached them, how he’s dealt with them, how he’s made the most of them. It hasn’t been easy. Yet, he’s continued to excel, jump over hurdles and overcome obstacles that I think would have derailed a lot of other people and/or football players. I think he’s a very impressive, mature, humble young man.

I think that McKenzie, with hard work and determination, will be able to start by 2010, and will pair up with Gary Guyton and Jerod Mayo to make a young and nasty three man rotation at inside linebacker.

After the McKenzie selection, the Patriots weren’t scheduled to be on the clock until pick 170 in the fifth round.  However, the Patriots then acquired two additional fifth round selections (137, 141) from the Eagles in a trade for Ellis Hobbs.  Hobbs was an underrated cover man in New England, but with the logjam of young talent at the position (Darius Butler, Jonathan Wilhite, Terrence Wheatley) this trade shouldn’t have come as a surprise. However, Hobbs was also undoubtedly one of the best kickoff return men in the NFL.  Naturally, this opens up a spot on special teams as the primary kickoff return man.  A few candidates: Brandon Tate, Matthew Slater, Jonathan Wilhite, Terrence Wheatley, Laurence Maroney, Kevin Faulk.

Soon after acquiring those two fifth round picks, the Patriots packaged them together to move up into the fourth round (pick 123).  They also acquired a sixth rounder, pick 198.  With the fourth round pick, the Patriots selected Penn State guard Rich Ohrnberger.  While this pick may have been a slight reach, I think the Patriots found themselves a solid player.  At 6-2, 297 pounds, Ohrnberger is undersized.  However, he is a fearless, smart player.  He is a great blocker on the second level, and can pull effectively and get out in front on screens.  He has quick feet and will never give up on a play.  With both Stephen Neal and Logan Mankins having their contracts expire after the season, Ohrnberger may be able to step into a starting role as soon as 2010.

In the fifth round (170), the Patriots selected guard/tackle George Bussey from Louisville.  Bussey is a tough player who started for all four years at Louisville.  He is undersize for a tackle at only 6-3, so he will likely move to guard at the pro level.  Bussey is good in pass protection, and will always finish his blocks.  With almost every offensive lineman a free agent after 2009, Bussey could become a good role player down the road.

With their first pick in the sixth round (198) the Patriots took a long snapper in Hawaii’s Jake Ingram.  Ingram was the consensus #1 long snapper in this year’s class, and he will compete with Nathan Hodel for the “starting” spot.  But, with the cost of a sixth round pick, I hope Ingram wins.  Poor Nathan Hodel, the man has never missed a snap in his eight year NFL career and he is already get pushed out.

At pick 207, the Patriots selected another nose tackle in Kentucky’s Myron Pryor.  I like Pryor a lot, although I would have liked this PICK more if the Pats hadn’t already selected Ron Brace in the 2nd round.  Still, Pryor is a work horse who is known for making big plays, but is a solid run stuffer.  I think Pryor would be more of a practice squad candidate for year one (consider that the Pats already have Vince Wilfork, Mike Wright, and Le Kevin Smith who can all play nose tackle too), and then could compete for playing time by year two.

At pick 232, the Patriots may have found a potential steal in Kent State’s Julian Edelman.  Edelman was a quarterback at college, but could play a variety of positions in the NFL.  He has shown enough altheticism, speed, and agility to be developed as a receiver or even a running back.  He could also return kicks.  And if the Patriots want to use a Wildcat formation, Edelman would be an obvious candidate to run that show.

With their final pick in the seventh round, at pick 234, the Patriots selected Georgia Tech defensive end/tackle Darryl Richard.  Richard is a two gap run stuffer who could play end or tackle for the Patriots in the 3-4.  If he’s a nose tackle, I don’t like this pick because of the prior Brace and Pryor choices.  However, if he’s an end, where the Patriots may need future depth, I think this is a solid pick.  Richard is a hard worker and a smart player, and can take on double teams.  He could compete for a roster spot or practice squad spot year one.

Overall, a solid second day for the Patriots.  My favorite pick?  Tyrone McKenzie.  All in all, through both days of the draft, the Patriots picked up seven potential starters (Patrick Chung, Ron Brace, Darius Butler, Sebastian Vollmer, Brandon Tate, Tyrone McKenzie, and Rich Ohrnberger) as well as some potential quality role players.  Did I even mention that they picked up two additional second round picks next year?


One Response to Day 2 Recap

  1. Bruce says:

    I found the Pryor pick interesting as well for all the reasons you outlined above and decided to investigate. After watching film on him I think BB envisions him playing end as well. For his size he is surprisingly agile and quick. He can get to the QB with 4 1/2 sacks last year playing DT in the SEC. Essentially he looks like a bigger version of Mike Wright who has played both NT and DE or even Le Kevin Smith who has played a similar role in the past. This is just my humble assessment of course. This pick might be one of those ‘more than meets the eye’ picks. It is too curious that they would bring him in with the sole purpose of playing NT when as you said there are already 4 guys on the roster at that position. I think it will be interesting to see what BB tries to do with Pryor.

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