2009 Patriots Final Roster Prediction Version 1.0

Here’s my first prediction of what the Patriots’ opening day roster will look like.  Keep in mind that it is just a prediction, and many of my predictions are pure speculation.

QB: 1. Tom Brady 2. Kevin O’Connell 3. Brian Hoyer

HB: 1. Laurence Maroney 2. Fred Taylor 3. Sammy Morris 4. Kevin Faulk 5. BenJarvus Green-Ellis

WR: 1. Randy Moss 2. Joey Galloway 3. Wes Welker (slot) 4. Greg Lewis 5. Sam Aiken

TE: 1. Ben Watson 2. Chris Baker 3. Alex Smith

T: 1. Matt Light 2. Nick Kazcur 3. Mark LeVoir 4. Sebastian Vollmer

G: 1. Logan Mankins 2. Stephen Neal 3. Russ Hochstein

C: 1. Dan Koppen 2. Rich Ohrnberger

DE: 1. Richard Seymour 2. Ty Warren 3. Mike Wright 4. Le Kevin Smith

NT: 1. Vince Wilfork 2. Ron Brace

OLB: 1. Adalius Thomas 2. Pierre Woods 3. Shawn Crable 4. Vince Redd

ILB: 1. Jerod Mayo 2. Tedy Bruschi 3. Paris Lenon 4. Gary Guyton 5. Eric Alexander

CB: 1. Leigh Bodden 2. Jonathan Wilhite 3. Shawn Springs 4. Darius Butler 5. Terrence Wheatley

SS: 1. James Sanders 2. Patrick Chung

FS: 1. Brandon Meriweather 2. Brandon McGowan 3. Ray Ventrone

K: 1. Stephen Gostkowski

P: 1. Chris Hanson

LS: 1. Nathan Hodel

PUP/IR: Brandon Tate, WR; Tyrone McKenzie, ILB;

Practice Squad: Myron Pryor, NT; Titus Adams, DL; Julian Edelman, WR; George Bussey, G/T; Eric Kettani, FB; Robert Ortiz, WR; Jamar Love, CB; Marcus McClinton, S

Tough Cuts: Tully Banta-Cain, OLB; Darryl Richard, DL; Antwain Spann, S;Vinny Ciurciu, ILB; Jarvis Green, DE; Mike Richardson, CB; David Thomas, TE; Ryan Wendell, G, Tank Williams, S; Billy Yates, G; Jake Ingram, LS; Matt Gutierrez, QB; Al Johnson, C/G; Matthew Slater, WR/S/ST

I thought I’d highlights on my thought process in shaping the roster:

  • TBC doesn’t make the cut.  It was down to him and Vince Redd, and I like Redd’s size and athleticism.
  • Darryl Richard gets cut after a stiff competition with Le Kevin Smith and Jarvis Green.  He gets claimed off waivers so Myron Pryor gets the practice squad spot instead.
  • David Thomas loses the battle at tight end.  I think the Patriots could opt to keep four, in which case, Thomas could make the team.
  • Matt Slater loses out to Sam Aiken as the 5th receiver/special teams ace.  If Slater shows good return ability, this could be switched.
  • Al Johnson loses out to Russ Hochstein as the C/G backup.  Why?  Hochstein’s ability to be a lead blocker.
  • Jarvis Green’s release was purely a salary cap move, as the Patriots have younger and cheaper options in Le Kevin Smith and Darryl Richard, and they recently re-signed Mike Wright to a big deal.
  • I penciled in Jonathan Wilhite as the #2 cornerback.  Why?  After going back and watching tape on him, I just think he’s that good.
  • Spann, Ciurciu, Tank Williams, and Yates are all tough cuts.  There just wasn’t room on the roster for all of them.

6 Responses to 2009 Patriots Final Roster Prediction Version 1.0

  1. Rob says:

    Isn’t Green’s cap bonus $600,000 and roster bonus $2,300,000 so a $2.9M hit to the salary cap if cut? I saw him moving into a starting role if the Pat’s don’t resign Seymour and can get a cheaper long term deal with him, your thoughts?

  2. Josh says:

    Terrence Wheatley won’t be #5. I could see making Shawn Springs SS or FS and using him as the nickel back (a la LSU Tigers with Chad Jones).

    • Anonymous says:

      They could do that with Springs…

      But Wheatley was already passed by Wilhite on the depth chart and Springs and Bodden will be ahead of him.

      So really, unless Wheatley shows tremendous improvement, I don’t really see him being too high on the depth chart.

  3. B says:

    I’ll be very surprised if they cut J Green

  4. SED says:

    I would be shocked if Jarvis Green was cut. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Green, Yates, and Tank Williams will somehow make the team.

    I think the dark horses this year are either Julian Edelman and/or Jake Ingram. Ingram especially because of youth and being known as a perfectionist. The LS competition could very well be a tie. I think youth will trump experience. Ingram could be on the team for 10 years. Hodel could be on the team for 2-3 years.

  5. […] skill positions. Look for Maroney, who will be sharing carries with Fred Taylor this season, to bounce back and begin to live up to his rookie promise. 1,000 plus yards and eight touchdowns is certainly […]

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