Report: Greg Ellis Chose Raiders over Pats

When outside linebacker/defensive end Greg Ellis was released by the Cowboys earlier this month, I thought he made a very ideal target for the Patriots considering his size, experience in the 3-4, and pass rushing ability.

However, I found this report by Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News very interesting:

Greg Ellis, recently released by the Cowboys, has never won a playoff game in 11 NFL seasons. In choosing to play for Oakland, it certainly looks like his career will end without celebrating a playoff win.

Shed no teams for Ellis because he decided to take the cash instead of playing for a team with a chance to win in the playoffs.

He signed a three-year, $10 million deal with Oakland, the NFL’s worst franchise. He’s guaranteed to earn $5 million in the first two years.

He was scheduled to earn $5.6 in bonuses and salary this year. Just so you know, the Patriots offered him a one-year deal for $1.5.

That’s the same Patriots who are perennial championship contenders every year, and have three titles this decade.

I don’t have a problem with that. Neither should you. Few of us, given the choice between two companies, would choose the job that pays us the lower salary.

I just find it interesting because it’s always about the money, especially in pro sports.


While I disagree it’s always about the money, I think Taylor summed it up pretty well.  It’s disappointing, but I think the Patriots can live without Ellis.

Raiders defensive end Greg Ellis

Raiders defensive end Greg Ellis

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