Hello, and welcome to PatriotsBlog.net, the leading Patriots Blog on the net.  My name is Greg Knopping, and I started the blog with a simple wordpress design back in the summer of 2006. Like all new websites, this site was rock bottom for the first few months, but I’m proud to say, it is now the number one fan-made Patriots Blog in the world (according to Faircatch.net and other sources). We have been  been quoted by multiple newspapers, have been featured on radio shows, video blogs, and much, much more.

With your help, and ours, we can create the greatest online Patriots blogging community on the web.

Inquiries (Interviews, Advertising, etc.) : patriotsblog@aol.com , or gknopping@aim.com

Administrator: Greg Knopping
Authors: Andrew


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  1. Dear PatriotsBlog: Andrew and Greg,

    We have created a new Patriots rally rap song. If you would like the MP3 please let me know. It’s free to use, if you choose to do so. We simply ask that you credit D-Major with the production of the song.

    Thank you,

  2. Jocelyn says:


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  3. Matt Soergel says:

    Hi Greg – I’m a writer from the Florida Times-Union, the daily paper in Jacksonville. I wonder if you would have a few minutes to talk for a story I’m working on about each team’s loyal fans?
    I’d appreciate it.
    My number here is 800-472-6397 ext. 4082 … or you could leave me a number via email and I could call you at your convenience.
    Congrats on the 16-0. Should be a good game.

  4. Ben Altsher says:

    Hi Greg,

    I’m a co-host of a new fan-centered podcast about the Patriots. I was wondering if you could find time to come on our show and talk about the team with my partner and me.

    My cell is 315-546-6315 or you can also email me at hosts@patriotscast.com

    Can’t wait for next Sunday.

    Ben Altsher

  5. Anonymous says:

    My name is Ryan McCrystal with draftace.com and we’re looking to compile a list of blogs from each NFL team. We’re looking to find one blog from each team to become the official blog of draftace.com (i.e. DraftAce’s Official Patriots Blog). Your link will then be posted on the main page, as well having the logo of each team in the mock draft will link to the corresponding blog. In exchange, we’re looking to host the official mock draft of your blog. Ideally you would place our logo on your main page linking to our mock draft. If you’re interested email me at ryan@draftace.com and we’ll work something out.


  6. Hi, Greg

    My name is John Fennelly and I am the NFL Community Leader for BleacherReport.com, the leading open source sports network on the internet.

    Bleacher Report is an online sports community that has over a half-million unique visitors every month. It is a growing phenomenon where sports reporters – both amateur and professional – converge with fans and readers on everything sports.

    My goal is to bring one ‘expert’ from each NFL team in to contribute posts from their blog or website, and then interact and provide feedback to the comments posted.

    This sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t – trust me.

    I chose you because I believe you are the leading Patriots’ blogger on the net.

    There are many benefits to you contributing to Bleacher Report.

    You will expand your readership and your profile as well as gain massive exposure to your own blog – patriotsblog.net

    Please visit us at http://bleacherreport.com/about for more information on how to join.

    Thanks in advance

    John Fennelly
    NFL Community Director

  7. editor says:

    Hello Greg
    I am a editor on patsfanblog.wordpress.com. I was wondering if you can put my link on patriotsblog.net.

  8. Kirk Reynolds says:

    As you mentioned in one of your posts that Keith Rivers, among others, was going to be visiting New England. He was there last week and shared the experience on his blog at Yardbarker.com. Thought you might be interested



  9. Richie says:


    I’m writing asking if you’d be interested in participating in a NFL 2009 Season Preview which will kick off June 22nd.
    We’d like to work with the best team bloggers to ensure this preview can be as accurate as possible.

    Here are the guidelines for participating:
    Your role is to critique your team with both the postives and the negatives.
    Your article must be approximately 300-500 words, it must contain information regarding your teams depth, new additions, key losses and prediction.
    It would be nice to see who you think will be rising stars and who you think may fall off the depth chart before the season starts.

    A link on your blog to your article stating that you participated in the MVN NFL 2009 season preview with a link to the article. You’re welcome to reprint the article with a link back to the rest, a separate, original blurb/article or simply the link and sentence.
    We would like to offer you the coverage of the Dallas Cowboys
    Are you interested in participating? We’d love to have you! Please let me know either way.

    Your write up would be due by June 22nd, 2009.


    Richie Denis
    Director of Business Development
    Most Valuable Network

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