NFL Schedule to Be Released Tomorrow

April 13, 2009

By now you’ve probably heard, but the NFL will be releasing its schedule on primetime tomorrow evening at 7 PM.  Both ESPN and the NFL Network will cover the “event.”

Brilliant marketing in my opinion.  Where there’s a market and where there’s money to be earned there is a business.  Wait until the coming years, not only will we have draftniks, but we’ll have schedule-niks as well.  I have a feeling that ESPN’s presentation of the schedule release may be similar to that of the draft, which will be awesome.  But still.

It’s not as though the NFL holds back who the teams will be playing.  That is public information derived from a very easy formula.  Still, it will be interesting to see how the Pats schedule pans out, especially the road trips.

And be sure to check in tomorrow night.  Because immediately following the release of the Patriots schedule, we will have complete analysis of each and every stretch of the season.


Reports: Patriots to Host Pat White, Brooks Foster on Visits

April 7, 2009

And the visits keep piling up.  First, Christopher Gasper of the Globe reports that West Virginia quarterback / receiver / athlete Pat White will visit with the New England Patriots next Monday and Tuesday.

Clearly, this shows that the Patriots have a legitimate interest in the West Virginia great, having already held a private workout with him last month.

White could project as high as round two in this month’s draft, although I think his ultimate landing spot may be the third round.  And the team he lands with could very well be the New England Patriots, from what I’ve seen so far.

According to Gasper’s colleague, Mike Reiss, the Patriots hosted North Carolina wide receiver Brooks Foster today.  Often overshadowed by Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate, Brooks Foster was originally projected to be a high draft pick.  However, a knee and a slow senior senior year have probably pushed him down to the fourth or fifth round of the draft.  Foster is known for his ability to make the difficult catch, and is a decent vertical threat.

Willie McGinest Hints at Return to Patriots

April 2, 2009

During a live chat on yesterday evening, former Patriots outside linebacker Willie McGinest hinted at a possible return to the New England Patriots.  A couple of snippets:

I enjoyed my run there. Don’t count me out, I might spend my last year in New England. We will see.


All I can say is that it has to be the right team and the right situation, Parkar. And the Patriots are on that list. You are asking some good questions, why don’t you call Robert Craft for me and get that deal done.
Clearly, Willie McGinest seems inticed about the opportunity to play for the Patriots again.  The question is, will the Patriots take him back?
McGinest is 37, and has slowed down a lot.  He only had one sack last season in 14 starts, and is vulnerable in coverage.  However, he is still in great shape, and could play a great role as a veteran leader on the defense.  He has the toughness and smarts to help out the Patriots.
Plus, I always like having those three time Super Bowl winners around. What’s your take?

Rodney Harrison: “You’re Making the Game Soft”

March 25, 2009

Rodney Harrison n the new rule changes, including the Tom Brady rule:

“It’s crazy Dan.  Dan, it’s crazy.  I mean you sit back and you’ve been taught since you’ve been six or seven years old to finish the play, and that’s all the coaches yell and scream.  ‘Finish the play! Finish the Play,’ and now all of the sudden you are on the ground and even that was my quarterback that’s a good friend of mine, you gotta continue to finish the play, you gotta tackle this guy; football is a violent sport played at 100 miles per hour with reckless abandon.  Guys are gonna get hurt, and I just think has really been soft right now.  Yeah, from the public eye it might look good that they’re trying to make rule changes and protect players but yet still, when you’re going to knock somebody’s head off and you might be on the left side of their helmet with your helmet and all of the sudden they move one inch to the left side and now it’s helmet to helmet.  How can you control that?  How can you stop that?  You’re making the game soft.  What about the days with Dick Butkus and all those guys?  That’s football.  Now all of the sudden it’s like pattycakes…”

As usual, you’ve got to love Rodney Harrison.  The guy is old school, tough, and a great player.  Plays the game the way it should be played.

This interview was on the Dan Patrick show, and I suggest you listen to it.  Very interesting interview, where Rodney Harrison touches on his thoughts about his future in football, the Tom Brady situation, and much more.  You’ll get a few good laughs too.

Patriots Notes 3/24/09

March 24, 2009

The Patriots signed offensive / defensive lineman Damane Duckett to a one year contract yesterday.  Duckett, 6-6, 315 pounds, is an offensive lineman converted from defensive lineman.  I’m sure the coaching staff will assess which position suits him better.  However, his size makes him look intriguing for the defensive end spot in the 3-4 alignment.

The league awarded the Patriots three compensatory draft picks for the upcoming draft.  The picks awarded are round 3 (97), round 5 (170), and round 6 (207), presumably for Asante Samuel, Donte Stallworth, and Randall Gay.  The only free agent who could have counted against the Patriots in this process was Sam Aiken, but I assume he didn’t factor in too much.

The Patriots were featured on ESPN’s segment “On the Clock” this morning.  Nothing new, but worth a look nonetheless.

The “Tom Brady Rule” will now be in affect.  Lucky Tom.  Three Super Bowl rings, millions of dollars, super model girlfiend wife, and now, TWO rules named after him.  The Tuck rule and now this.  Damn.

Antwain Spann is willing to give up his #28 to Fred Taylor because he believes the most important thing for him at this juncture is earning a roster spot, not a number on a jersey.  Classy,classy move by Spann.

Reports: Patriots to Open 2009 Against Buffalo

March 23, 2009

Well, the first schedule “leak” of 2009 has occurred.  According to multiple sources reports, the Patriots will play the Buffalo Bills at home to kick off their 2009 season.  The game will be played on Monday Night Football, and occurring at 7:00 PM on September 14th.

The game will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NFL, so it looks like both teams will be donning their throwback jerseys.


Reports: Patriots Have Private Workouts With Pat White, Connor Barwin

March 18, 2009

Just over a month away from the 2009 NFL draft, reports are beginning to flow in of private workouts NFL teams are hosting with coveted draft prospects.  The Patriots have already been mentioned as holding private workouts with several big name prospects.

The latest, Connor Barwin and Pat White.

The Pat White workout is certainly an interesting one.  After throwing well at the combine, he has shown that he can still play quarterback.  However, he also ran a 4.55 40 yard dash, making him even more intriguing, as many scouts think he can play multiple positions, possibly receiver and running back, on offense.  I actually talked to an old friend of mine who played with Pat White on West Virginia, he had only great things to say about him.  Saying he was a class act, and great player, who always worked with an excellent motor.

Connor Barwin, the tight end/defensive end/outside linebacker/power forward from Cincinatti, is another intriguing prospect to me.  But you’ll hear a lot more on him in the coming month.