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24 Responses to Forum

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please take out the coding in your blog which prevents people from being able to use their “Back” button on their browser. It’s not like people will decide not to leave your site just b/c you take away their back button. It just makes people not want to come back. Very annoying.

  2. Greg says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t think I have that. When I view my site, I haven’t had that happen. I would check your browser and I’ll get in touch with customer service at WordPress as soon as I can. Sorry for the difficulty.

  3. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

  4. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  5. Knitedicike says:


  6. PATS says:

    Hey check out this sick facebook group (if your a memba) where they have a sweet blog about nfl.

    – robby

  7. Bliffigious says:

    Is this gonna end someday??

  8. DC says:

    Is Cassel this bad or is Brady that good?

  9. Chris says:

  10. Chris says:


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  12. Erorgofloalry says:

    some of them are not bad but… internet is crazy

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  14. iTashaLIL says:


    Could you help me. I have troubles with your site. It is working not fast.
    Can somebody help me to solve this problem or explain why it can be so?


  15. Lewinelolla says:

    Hi all!

    As newly registered user i only wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this forum 😀

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  19. Clannicavoina says:

    Some peoples says that you need, other that you dont.
    What I have to do?

  20. accottesodife says:


    As newly registered user i just want to say hi to everyone else who uses this board 🙂

  21. CheckTFHhg says:

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  22. haitaniceMive says:

    Whats up everyone? I’ve lurked long enough! time to appear from the shadows and join in on the action.

  23. JesseQN says:

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  24. sabrina says:

    I’ve just joined this site and it looks great.

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