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Patriots Spying on Jets?

What Should the Patriots Punishment Be (For Spying)?

Patriots Favored by 16 Against Bills?????


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  1. Ricky says:

    Topic request: Asante Samuel not playing well?

    Asante Samuel didn’t seem like he was playing well yesterday. I just hope he improves, he couldn’t tackle, and kept getting burned. Anyone else agree?

  2. RedWhite&BlueNation says:

    What kind of Patriot fan are you Greg calling Belichick Belicheat. You mind as well put in your resignation for this blog. You have no loyalty for Patriot Nation or Belichick. Do you know all the facts involving this incident to call Belichick a cheat. Do you have knowledge of what Belichick was thinking during this incident. Do you understand the procedures and bylaws regarding the rule for videotaping opponents on gameday. The bottom line is Belichick broke the rules on gameday videotaping procedure. He wasn’t video taping to get an advantage on the game, it was for scouting purposes for future games. Every team video tapes and scouts the opponent Belichick being the genious he is saw an opportunity to take andvantage of the vague written bylaws. In case your wondering the bylaws say no videotaping from the booths, your own teams sidelines but it doesn’t say anything about taping from the opponents sidelines and Belichick and the Patriots took advantage of their interpretation of the bylaw you ass Greg-Communist, Greg your a Yankee fan I know it!! That isn’t cheating you dumb ass!! Belichick isn’t that stupid to cheat against a guy that knows many of his tendancies and stratagies you dump ass Greg!!! I will expect your resignation immediately for Patriot treason. Ok now i feel better im officailly ready for the Charger game.

  3. Greg says:

    Actually, if you read any of my articles, you would know that I know the facts and am annoyed by people who think they know what they are saying. Saying Belicheat was just a joke. Either way, Belichick has no integrity, and doesn’t fit the mold of a true Patriot. I have nothing against the Patriots team and I’m as big of a fan as always. I just don’t think Belichick has a lot of integrity, but he is one hell of a coach.

  4. patriotsarecheaters says:

    PATRIOTS ARE CHEATERS!!! you should check out the pic on… the cameraman for the pats were on the jets sideline videotaping everything the jets coaches were doing… what a disgrace! once again… PATRIOTS ARE CHEATERS!!! u patriot fans can say watever u want but thats the truth and u know you wouldnt have won all those games if BB didnt cheat.

  5. COLTS SUCK says:

    the colts are horrible go Patriots

  6. McDo says:

    Goodell better investigate “Audio-Gate”

    It is what it is… people in glass houses or Domes shouldn’t throw stones. Colts, it’s you’re turn!

  7. magswill says:

    You’re right. BElicheat has no integrity. Win at all Cost..Him and the Patriots belong togehter, perfect match!!! Can’t wait to watch em go down in the playoffs!!! They may be 16-0 but theywill never compare to 72 Dolphins, REAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND ROLE MODELS!!!

  8. josh says:

    i pray tom brady gets hit by a car and finds out he has incurable cancer in the hospital, miraculously recovers, and then in a freak accident he loses his right hand and is renamed TOM the stubster BRADY. he will probably win the mvp again the next season. i hate him and his kid. GO COWBOYS

  9. Lightning Strikes #56 says:

    Look people, praying for Brady getting hit by a car is no prayer for anyone except maybe devil worshipers. I just don’t wanna hear any babbling when 56-Merriman tears into Brady in a pure legal hit that just may take Brady out of the game. This IS football in the USA. For Brady’s sake, I hope he’s bought his O-line a nice dinner prior to this game. You will see how nasty the BOLT linebackers can be especially when they can be taped for NFL films for the ages. What motivation to perform!

  10. unstopablepats says:

    Brady has a great o line and it has been shown that he is a tuff guy. He is going into the superbowl to win it and be a record breaking season for the NFL. I just got my tickets for the greatest game to be played in football history. I would recommend using this site since it searches all the other sites for you.

    later suckers see you in the stands with the pats victory!!!!

  11. bill says:

    Tom Shady is going down. One woman man Please.

  12. matt evans says:

    how about them giants? got mannig! lol dum azz pat’s fans

  13. Nat says:

    I can’t believe the Pats lost, but no worries, they will come back and win the superbowl. A 7th overall draft pick, and Tom Brady back to 100 percent nothing can stop them

  14. Jesso says:

    does anyone agree……. When we went with 5 wides Brady got hurried, knocked down, or sacked when we went with two tight ends and a running back to protect or slip screen we had our way….unfortunatly our coach never got away from the five wide enough to get in rhythm…. also on the 31 yard line on 4th and 13 we went for it just a 47 yard field goal in a dome where our kicker’s long is 53 in a game where we aren’t scoring or in rhythm hmmm questionable I really believe the lack of adjustment to the giants playing our wideouts striaght up and bringing 5-7 and those possible 3 points were the differance… WHAT DO YA’LL think

  15. Alex G. says:

    Trade down and get Dan Connor is a draft idea i like, they need young linebackers anbd i really like connor and what he does

  16. Sean-Go Pats says:

    Alright, so Brady is out for the year and I was just checking out the new rules for this season that the refs will be enforcing. At the top right of the page there is a video named: Officiating Emphisis in ’08 and it talks about the penalties that the refs are cracking down on such as chin straps and force outs. Well, in the video at about 1:30, it states that hitting the quarterback in the knee area or below will NOT be tolerated. Why wasn’t it called in the game!?!?! Chiefs should be fined!!!! Seriously!

  17. Mike says:

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  18. Carl Parisien says:

    I really dont understand this. I thought the hit on Brady was a cheap shot. I mean the guy was on the ground when he drove his head into brady’s knee

  19. Annoyed says:

    Can somebody please explain to me how it is determined which team will be at home for the Patriots vs. Colts regular season games? This is the 4th year in a row we have been scheduled as the away team. The 3 years prior to that (03 to 05) we were home, and we hosted them in the playoffs twice in that span; but 4 years without seeing Peyton get all teary eyed and pissed off in Foxboro is torture and I need an explanation.

  20. Netraffle says:

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