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Richard Seymour to IR?


6 Responses to Rumors

  1. Rumor has it, Tom Brady will throw 40+ Touchdowns this year. Hot girlfriend ,new kid, Wes Welker and Randy Moss are several reasons to believe this rumor to be true. Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!

  2. Ricky says:

    I think Brady might actually throw 40 touchdowns crazy enough

  3. Lightning Strikes #56 says:

    Like I said in my other comment posted Pat fans, #31 Antonio Cromartie is a special player and is having a special year in taking it away. Remember that interception against the Vikings where he intercepted it in the endzone, tippy toed, then ran it back all the way!? How about agains the 1st COLT vs BOLT game where he intercepted Manning 3x, the third being one of the greatest interceptions on film ever!? Macree, the BOLT safety has something to prove during this game as a result of the key fumble in last year’s loss. He is ready to pack a punch to those Pat receivers. The Chargers are facing great adversity, I agree. What do mst winners think about adversity? It’s what makes challenges all the greater to conquer. To be the Patriot buster in their perfect season is a fantastic motivating factor. Redemption for last year is priceless-Goodnight!

  4. tim32 says:

    I think with Brady’s situation the Pats need to look at Lorenzen,with his strength he would help Moss rock the NfL.The offensive line would make him a valid rush threat also and a defensive nightmare.

  5. nicholas bates says:

    Brady is hurt!

  6. c h a 74 d says:

    not a rumor, just an idea: with knowshaun moreno entering the draft, does anyone agree with me that he is a great, possibly #1 option for the pats?

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