Player Profiles: Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour, DE, #93

6’6″, 310 lbs, 10/6/1979

How Acquired: 1st Round, 2000


There is little question that Richard Seymour is one of the most dominating defensive lineman to ever take the field for the Patriots.  An end in the 3-4 defense, Seymour has been demanding double teams since the end of his rookie season.  He uses a combination of strength, athleticism, size, and smarts to win many individual battles.  While his stats haven’t always suggested it, his five straight Pro Bowls just go to show how dominating he is.  When all is said and done, Richard Seymour will almost surely be a Hall of Famer.


Richard Seymour will do whatever it takes to defeat his opponent.  One on one, he is almost unstoppable, even going against the best tackles in the league.  He almost always demands a double team, yet he still can make big plays.  He has great strength, yet has good agility for a guy his size.  This allows him to bull-rush or shed blockers very effectively, something that he does with great consistency.  He also can use his hands very well, which allows him to move laterally, keep containment, and shed blockers on the way to making tackles. Can attack on the inside or outisde shoulder of his blocker.  Is very good tackling in pursuit.  Came into camp in 2008 much thinner, which could make him even better.


Can be limited in pass rush abilities.  Conditioning has come into question.  Can occassionally disappear from games.  No other major weaknesses.

DL Rank: 2

Overall Rank: 5

seymour draft

seymour sack


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